New Dongguan policy to attract Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan start-ups     08/19/2016 11:32

To attract more Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan youths to start businesses in Dongguan, Mayor Liang Weidong held an exclusive meeting to agree a “Dongguan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Technology Association Project”. The Project will strive to increase the number of youths, who choose to start their business in Dongguan, to over 300. Government departments are being stimulated to organize events and demonstration activities to promote the new policy.

Hosting large competitions and activities, such as the “Scientific and Technological Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition” or the “International Innovation Carnival”, can help form brand awareness. These activities can also be a good foundation from which excellent business projects are chosen for funding support. 

Liang Weidong emphasized that the government should fully pursue high-quality cultural products, so that cultural development can be furthered for local citizens. At the same time, our government should use cultural development to fulfil the recreational and cultural demands of citizens.

(By Letitia Yang and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶