Subsidies for companies attending Pakistan Exhibition     03/16/2018 09:24

According to the Dongguan Bureau of Commerce, the Pakistan International Goods Exhibition and Rawalpindi International Exhibition will be held at Rawalpindi in Pakistan from 11th to 15th April. The exhibition has been organized by the Pakistan Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products.

The exhibition was firstly held in 2017. Nearly 200 companies participated in the exhibition and more than 400,000 spectators attended the event. The five-day exhibition was rich in content, including business talks, car shows, a children’s carnival, food festivals and music festivals. This year, the hosts will focus on creating a comprehensive exhibition involving multi-field products. They will double the area and set up a China pavilion. A B2B professional matchmaking meeting will also be held to enable exhibitors to find matching Pakistani companies more efficiently and accurately. 

The exhibition has been approved by the Dongguan Bureau of Commerce, and participating companies can receive financial subsidies from the state and local governments to cover booth fees and half of personnel costs. The deadline for registration is the end of March. At present, 30 Dongguan companies have already registered, including Aesthetic Ceramics and Musi Bedding.

(By Nicky Yu, Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶