The 3 Colle Brothers - Humorous French Percussion Music Show     04/24/2017 09:31

Performers: Clément, Stéphane and Cyril.
Date/Time: 29th April 2017, 20:00
Venue: Cultural Weekend Theatre, The Lecture Hall of Culture Square of Guancheng District, Dongguan 文化周末剧场(原莞城区文化广场报告厅)

Stéphane, eldest of the three, began as a stuntman in Paris, then became an actor and director. He is particularly famous for “The second breath” by Alain Corneau, "Les enfants de Timpelbach" by Nicolas Bary, “Les liens de sang” by Jacques Maillot, and “La vérité si je mens 3” by Thomas Gilou. 

Cyril, a cycling enthusiast, trained in Millau in the Midi-Pyrénées region. In his free time, he also juggles, enjoys Celtic music and practices bagpipes and the Irish flute. 

Clément presently studies in a Music / Jazz section in college in Gironde, though simultaneously takes drum lessons. 

The three brothers, scattered across the far corners of France, join their family during the school holidays and find themselves in Clément's room, to listen to him to play the drums. Stéphane, impressed by the prowess of the "little" though lacking drumming talent, juggles clubs while striking Clément's drums in rhythm. It has taken much practice to perfect the concept. As Cyril also began to involve himself, the Colle brothers group began.

The three brothers tested the popularity of their "juggling percussion" in cabaret performances organized by friends, achieving positive feedback at each. 

In 2012, actor and director Eric Bouvron spotted them and soon began working with them. He tested them on various artists’ platforms, in the Paris region, at the Folies Bergères, in Switzerland, in Germany and in Spain. 

In September 2016 they embarked on a one-year tour across France and participated in the Belgian television program “Signé Taloche” alongside the Taloche brothers. In April 2017, China will welcome them for a month.

Director Eric Bouvron

Author, actor, director, Eric Bouvron is attracted by atypical shows and by the exploration of different forms ranging from classical pieces to musical shows and the circus. His own creations are based on real research and travel. After “Afrika!” which talks about his native South Africa, Eric Bouvron decided to go and live among the Bushmen to write a humorous tale of these people. Then “The Mission of Victor Mulot” took him to Greenland to discover an unknown and fascinating world. His passion for all the arts and his acute curiosity led him to conceive his shows as adventures and to mix the tools of expression: dance, visual, music, humour, and drawing.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

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