"The Secret" Magic Show
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Magicians: Mike Miller (USA), Miguel Puga(Spain), Alaina (Germany), Rocco Silano (USA)
Date/Time: 5th August 2017, 20:00 
Admission: 20/40/60/80/100 RMB tickets available
Venue: Dongguan Yulan Theatre, Central Square, Hongfu Road, Nancheng, Dongguan

Show Details:

Mike Miller (USA): Former President of the American Magic Association. Repeatedly won the American Magic Association Magic Championship. Has won the honour of the Clint Riddle Award and the American Performers Association's best performers. Mike Miller always provides a funny, humorous, natural and generous show. 

Miguel Puga: One of the most famous magicians in the world. Has won the International Magic Alliance World Magic Conference of the poker tournament champion and the Spanish national magic champion. Miguel Puga's magic performance is highly artistic, his every show a fantastic dreamlike experience.

(By Stefanie Tan, Kevin Xiao and Sev Pischl)

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