01/03/2017 16:24
    Upcoming English movies to be released in January 2017
    01/03/2017 15:55
    Founded in 2001, Russian Pops Orchestra (RPO) has been using various styles to perform classic music, folk music and pop music.
    12/19/2016 15:41
    The Georgian National Ballet was founded in Adzharian Autonomous Republic of Georgia in 2000, initially named as the Georgian State Dance Company. With the development of performing team and high a...
    12/02/2016 11:48
    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Autobahn, Hacksaw Ridge, Sully, The Great Wall
    11/22/2016 16:06
    Choreographer and Artistic Director Vincent Pausanias wanted to create a show that would showcase the magic of tap at its highest possible technical level using world renowned tappers. He brought t...
    11/21/2016 16:00
    25 years ago, millions of people were touched by Ghost, a romantic Hollywood movie. 25 years later, Ghost the Musical is coming back to China.
    10/09/2016 16:27
    Display art works in paintings, installations, photography, and other forms from 78 artists in 17 countries.
    09/12/2016 17:00
    For over a decade, Free Planet Radio has been bringing its exciting and innovative world-jazz-classical music blend to both concert stages and classrooms.
    08/08/2016 16:19
    Date/Time: Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 20:00    Pianist: Catherine Wong Packages: RMB 150 for 60*3, 200 for 80*3
    08/05/2016 17:24
    Co-produced by Hubei Performance and Arts Group and Hong Kong Dance Drama Company, The Legend of the Condor Heroes, a grand martial arts dance drama, is scheduled to be staged in Dongguan Cultural ...