04/01/2017 09:15
    Like a flock of ricebirds, Mucuna birdwoodiana are in full bloom in Guangdong around Qingming Festival (April 4, 2017) every year.
    07/29/2016 10:40
    Transport: take a train or coach to Kaiping County first and then take a bus to Chikan TownSeven Star Crags [Photo: cfp.cn]Transport: Go to the city of Yingde first, and then rent a car or take a t...
    03/10/2016 09:39
    Around March each year, many Dongguanese look to glimpse the true cherry blossoms by visiting Japan or Wuhan. Today, the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom can be enjoyed without leaving the c...
    03/07/2016 10:43
    5 Must-See Romantic Ferris Wheels in Dongguan
    06/10/2015 17:10
    The park features a 22-km-long greenway and a 10-km-long riding route around the lake. The on-the-water greenway is decorated with rich water plants, peach flowers and willows trees.
    02/12/2015 12:48
    Recommendation 1 – South China Mall            Reason – Hundred yuan of lucky money and free Omnimax tickets for you   Date: March 5th (Lantern Festival)   How to get free Omnim...
    11/28/2013 09:55
    Guangdong ranks third in the country after Yunnan and Tibet for hot spring resources. Mainly in Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Heyuan, Yangjiang, Yunfu and Guangzhou around the Pearl River Delta, plus Zhuhai,...
    01/29/2014 15:38
    Huangqi Mountain City Park Big Red Lantern at the peak
    01/26/2014 09:35
    China's high net worth individuals are busier than ever. They are inundated with 7 percent more business trips than last year - up to 7.5 days per month - leaving less free time available for leisu...
    01/02/2014 10:31
    Travel guide: Six popular ski resorts in China