Delicate Qixi dolls exhibition in Daojiao     06/08/2016 17:16

While the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet is well known in western culture, the legend of “Cowherd meeting his Wife Weaver Maid” is equally famous in the oriental world. The day of the legendary couple, Qiqiao Festival, which falls on the July7 on the lunar calendar, recently becomes more popular among young Chinese as the Chinese valentines’ Day. But few people remember that the festival was formed as a festival for single girls in China around 3,000 years ago and originally meant to encourage young girls to learn housekeeping skills.

This ancient tradition has not been lost in Guangdong. Daojiao residents keep the tradition to make altars to worship the god of artistry and wisdom. Initially, altars were mainly made and exhibited by housewives, but as time goes by, they were gradually regarded as a competition of exquisite and original handicrafts between folk communities and women groups.


To see how people inherit the old rituals and traditional handicrafts for celebrating the festival, one can visit Qixi Altars exhibition in Daojiao town, Dongguan during China (Daojiao) Food & Culture Festival from June 6 to July.

Venue: The open space near West Gate of Jichuan Gymnasium

Time: Jun 6 - Jun 11

Address: Tiyu Road, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong (东莞市道滘镇济川体育馆)

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