Wangniudun Hosts Qixi Wishing Ceremony     08/11/2016 09:34

On 9th August, the annual Qixi festival began with Wangniudun government hosting the event and coordinating nine Qixi themed activities. At the event were Lotus lanterns, 3D printed foods, a 3D Wall, a special Gong An exhibition and several other attractions.
To welcome the event Wangniudun town held “Wishes Qixi Night” at 8pm on 8th August (8pm on 8th of the 8th month). Approximately ten thousand tourists attended the ceremony and were greeted with historical “Bai Qi Jie” costumes.
The series of activities were divided into three main parts; “Romantic Encounter”, “Culture Exhibition”, “Show your Happiness”, and also nine other cultural activities.
The Magpie Bridge, located at Wangniudun Water Town Park, was decorated with a technological and romantic 3D Wall, resulting in crowding on the night of 8th August as tourists manoeuvred to take photos.
While the wishes ceremony maintained old traditions, Light Stage Art performances were arranged with commentary to improve understanding of Qixi culture for the tourists.
The Water Town Park used 3D printing to present Qixi Culture themed sweet pancakes.

(By Letitia Yang and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶