12/21/2017 17:16
    Machong Town of Dongguan City will usher in a global Chinese Cantonese opera event as the 25th Global Chinese Cantonese Opera Culture Festival will be held in the town next year. By then, Cantonese...
    02/28/2017 12:10
    The annual Labor-Selling Festival kicks off in Dongkeng Township of Dongguan on February 27 (February 2nd of the lunar calendar), which attracted thousands of people to soak each other to bring luc...
    01/22/2017 10:12
    Venue: the Hall, 1/F, Dongguan Museum, Inside Keshubo Plaza, Xinfen Rd., Guancheng District, Dongguan
    01/22/2017 10:21
    Venue: Temporary Exhibition Hall, the Naval Museum, The Opium War Museum, No. 88 Jiefang Road, Humen
    01/22/2017 10:01
    Venue: the Hall, 1/F, Dongguan Library, Central Square, the southern side of Hongfu Road, Dongguan City
    01/16/2017 10:09
    On 9th January, the Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery held an opening ceremony confirming it was officially open to the public for free. A 90-minute tour around the Gallery will provide a f...
    08/11/2016 09:34
    On 9th August, the annual Qixi festival began with Wangniudun government hosting the event and coordinating nine Qixi themed activities. At the event were Lotus lanterns, 3D printed foods, a 3D Wal...
    08/23/2016 09:33
    Early on 20th August, the brand new Dongguan Library held an opening ceremony in the main visiting hall.