View Dongguan from the sky: A liveable community     06/19/2014 16:58

Dongguan is situated in Guangdong province on the east bank of the Pearl River that flows into the South China Sea. The vegetation of the city corresponds to typical subtropical monsoon evergreen forests.

Dongguan consists of a central urban district and 28 towns, with conurbation characteristics. There are altogether 951 leisure parks in the city, covering a total area of 2,881 hectares enjoying a green coverage rate of 40.7%.

Dongguan has strived to improve the relationship between road construction and its greening efforts, extending greenbelts as roads are built. In road forestation, Dongguan has chosen native fast-growing species which are complemented with ever-green species.

The ecological forestation model has reduced the cost of construction and management in forestation and has made Dongguan's road network into ecological corridors, displaying the city's desire to enhance the green landscape for its people.

From today Dongguan Today will present a daily column where our readers can get a better know of this city by viewing Dongguan from the sky.

Dongguan is a city with abundant wetlands which are under well protection of Dongguan Government. (Photo source: Dongguan Daily)

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