Qiaotou water lilies in full bloom
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  Qiaotou water lilies in full bloom

  After the first lotus blossomed in Qiaotou Township's lotus lake on 4th May, water lilies around the lotus lake corridor have been vying in beauty and fascination attracting both locals and distant visitors from other cities.

  The flowers and leaves of a water lily float above the water surface, and are usually in full bloom from May to October. Each flower lasts four to seven days.

  Transport tips:

  By Car: Follow signs to Qiaotou on the Eastern Expressway or S255.

  By Bus: Many city buses will take you to Qiaotou Township. Initially you can take No.75, No. 79, No.84, No.86, No.106, No.109, No.202, No.206, No.207, No.226 or No.305 to Qiaotou Bus Station. From the station, transfer to a local bus, either No.1, No.2, No.6 or No.8. These will take you to Qiaotou Lotus Lake Scenic Spot where entry is free of charge.

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