Dongguan: VR and e-commerce programs fasten industrial transformation     01/03/2017 09:41

Dongguan recently established the Songshan Lake Science and Technology industrial park and launched development projects with leading companies in fields as VR and e-commerce, injecting intelligent vitality into its manufacturing industry.

MeiFang, a VR company, just moved into the SongShan Lanke industrial park.

Found in 2011, it has signed contracts with China’s major real estate companies as Poly, R&F and Greenland, and made more than 100 million square meters virtual scenarios for their properties.

“With a VR headset, customers now can see the actual views both inside and outside the buildings,”said Shou Lei, general manager of MeiFang, “setting a branch in Dongguan is a great chance to expand our business to South China.”

Earlier this month, Dongguan VR industry alliance was formed in the Songshan Lake industrial park. Backed up by the local manufacturing industry, the alliance aims to integrate existing resources and help apply VR technology to various local business.

Besides, the city government recently reached an agreement with Alibaba to construct a new business model that integrates “Made in Dongguan” and e-commerce. The agreement regulates terms as cross-border e-commerce, training projects and big data projects.

The value added of advanced manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing in Dongguan increased 16% and 18.6% respectively in the first three quaters of 2016. Leading by enterprises as Huawei, OPPO and VIVO, more intelligent equipment enterprises are clustering here.

According to the central guideline, these the output of the “emerging industries of strategic importance” is expected to account for 15 percent of China's gross domestic product in 2020, and create more than 1 million jobs each year over the next four years.

It also indicates information technology, high-end manufacturing, bio-industry, low-carbon and green industry and digital and creative industries will be five pillar industries, each of which is expected to have an output of at least 10 trillion yuan ($1.44 trillion) by 2020.

(by Jasmine) 

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