Dongguan project receives Guangdong Special Science Award     02/10/2017 09:17

The mayor of Hengli Town of Donguan City presented the certificate of awards

Guangdong's Innovation and Development Conference was held on 7th February in Guangzhou.Hengli Town of Donguan City was awarded the 2016 provincial special award for science in recognition of its'"mould collaborative innovation" project. The 2016 Science and Technology Award in Guangdong Province was given to 28 projects in all, among which were 2 outstanding contributions awards, 1 special prize, 17 first prizes, and 8 second prizes. The project led by Hengli town received the only special award.

The financial tsunami of 2008 caused a loss of labour dividends and comparative cost advantages, resulting in reduced market demand in overseas markets such as Europe and the United. As such, OEM companies with no established brand or technology were exposed. Hengli town of Dongguan re-positioned itself by focusing on auto parts and a selection of other fields. Through collaborative innovation, from 2011 to 2015, the moulding industry in Hengli accelerated to gather and grow. The number of enterprises increased from 363 to 1,142 and the number of enterprises above the government designated size increased from 13 to 74. The growth of mould output was maintained above 20% year on year. Meanwhile, the innovative capability of the enterprises has been greatly enhanced. Research & development expenditure across the town has increased by 350%, and the number of high-tech enterprises has increased from 7 to 69. Henglihas maintained GDP growth above 10% in recent years,a factor contributing to see it rise in Dongguan's rankings from 27th to 15th. In 2016, Hengli Town entered China's top 100 towns list for the first time, ranking at 81st.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

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