Dongguan government signs agreement with Alibaba to develop business     02/22/2017 08:54

On 17th February, the Dongguan Municipal Government and Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co. Ltd. formally signed an e-commerce cooperation framework agreement in Dongguan to jointly carry out e-commerce construction cooperation. The signing of the agreement enables Dongguan to use Alibaba's channel advantage to boost the city's enterprises to develop market sales, and strive to build a nationally renowned new type of business "Made-in-Dongguan +e-commerce". Deputy Mayor of Dongguan, Mr.Huang Qinghui, and Alibaba South China Deputy General Manager, Mr. Wang Qiang, attended the signing ceremony. 

Wang Qiang spoke confirming that Dongguan and Alibaba had maintained very close cooperation, leading this time to Alibaba's exploration of support and service models for optimal survival and development of Dongguan enterprises. More than 3,000 enterprises are planned to complete upgrade training within one year and build cross-border electricity service centres in 20 of Dongguan's townships by 2018. Wang hoped that both sides would provide improving e-commerce services and solid cooperation for the development of Dongguan enterprises.

Mr.Huang Qinghui recognised that Alibaba is a well-known global e-commerce brand (B2B), and the largest and the most active online trading platform in international trade. Both parties will work closely in eight projects: cross-border e-commerce, corporate credit, exhibition 020, "the hit of major towns", three-dimensional e-business, e-commerce brand building, Taobao University Training Institute, cloud computing and big data cooperation. Efforts will be made to effectively promote the Dongguan e-commerce system, corporate credit regulatory system, e-commerce personnel training and reserve system, to build a new model of win-win cooperation between Alibaba and local governments, and to make a positive contribution to Dongguan in speeding up the transformation and upgrading of e-commerce enterprises.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶