Dongguan city’s flash mob video “Spring Subway” an online hit     04/18/2017 08:49

Recently, flash mob video "Spring Subway" became an online hit attracting widespread attention. "Where is the spring, where the spring ... " On a vigorous spring day, a crisp birdlike voice sang outside Hongfu Road subway station. Dozens of lovely children came from all directions, dancing, and singing the song "Where is the spring", attracting much attention. Within minutes, local Dongguan art groups gathered to play instruments, chorus, dance and perform other flash mob activities in the subway car and the station square, which brought a warm spring breeze to people in Dongguan.

"Spring Subway" was the first of the 2017 Dongguan City flash mob series theme events, planned by the City Image Promotion Office of Dongguan, and implemented by Dongguan Radio and Television Station. The spring symbolizes sowing hope, so the activity was a display of the city's vitality in ecological construction, urban development, and also showed the enterprising spirit of Dongguan people. 

A screenshot from Dongguan city's flash mob video "Spring Subway"

Nearly 200 people were involved in the event as either cast or crew, with most participating teams from local performance groups volunteers in the flash mob activity. Among them, the members playing "Spring Sonata" were the Youth Chamber Orchestra from the Dongguan Youth Activity Centre, the core members of which are from well-known professional schools such as the Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music and others. The song "Where is the spring" was sang by the juvenile singing group from Guancheng Cultural Weekend, who once won several domestic and international awards. In addition, the Dongguan City Sports Dance Association also organized core members of the dance team to participate in this event.

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶