Dongguan targets high-tech manufacturing     06/26/2017 09:23

Dongguan has been praised by major media outlets after a delegation of reporters visited the Guangdong province city on June 8.

Some 70 journalists toured the city, remarking upon its good livability, and strong development in innovation-driven intelligent manufacturing.

It was the third stop on a seven-day tour of the province for the reporters, after taking in Guangzhou and Foshan. Dongguan has been highly praised by the central government for its progress made in developing the China Manufacturing 2025 project, especially in industrial restructuring.

Liang Weidong, mayor of Dongguan, meets with journalists and reports on Dongguan’s manufacturing industry. [Photo by Huang Lulu/Xinhua]

Liang Weidong, mayor of Dongguan, said that knowing that they are on the right track inspires them all to try harder. "The central government’s praise is a strong support for Dongguan to pursue higher goals," Liang said. "Dongguan is set to focus harder on innovation-driven intelligent manufacturing in the future".

In February this year, the Dongguan government put forward regulations aimed at improving local manufacturing by creating a more complete industrial chain covering not just the manufacture of equipment and products, but sales too.

Journalists visit Topstar, a Dongguan-based enterprise specializing in intelligent manufacturing. [Photo by Huang Lulu/Xinhua]

Thanks in part to the regulations, a greater number of high-tech manufacturers have been able to thrive in the city, such as Topstar, Everwin and enterprises in the Songshan Lake Xbot Park.

Statistics reveal that in the first quarter of 2017, Dongguan achieved 37.83 billion yuan ($5.54 billion) industrial added value in the manufacturing sector, of which 28.96 billion yuan was contributed by high-tech manufacturing.

Hosted by State-owned news agency Xinhua, the media tour was sponsored by the Guangdong Publicity Department and the Guangdong Internet Network Information Office.

Songshan Lake Xbot Park is home to numerous emerging enterprises focusing on intelligent manufacturing. [Photo by Huang Lulu/Xinhua]

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