The 16th Asian Marathon Championship & 2017 Dongguan International Marathon to start 26th November     11/24/2017 09:26

The 16th Asian Marathon Championship and 2017 Dongguan International Marathon held a press conference in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province on 21st November, 2017.

On 21st November, the 16th Asian Marathon Championship and 2017 Dongguan International Marathon held a press conference in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Mr. Yang Xiaotang (Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee, Director of the Publicity Department of Dongguan, and Deputy Director of the event's Organizing Committee), Mr.Fu Weibo (Vice Minister of the competition office of Track and Field Sports Management Centre of State General Administration of Sports), Mr. Chen Guoming (Deputy Director of Guangdong Ersha Sports Training Centre), Mr. Huangfu Quan (Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee and a researcher from Dongguan Municipal Government), Ms. Huang Huihong (Deputy Secretary of the organizing committee of the event, and director of the Sports Bureau of Dongguan City) along with other leaders and guests attended the conference.

At the meeting, Mr. Yang Xiaotang spoke about the overall preparation progress, event highlights and the status quo of the 16th Asian Marathon Championships. According to Mr. Xiaotang, all preparation work for the 16th Asian Marathon Championships and the 2017 Dongguan International Marathon is complete.

Contestants doubled to nearly 30,000

The 16th Asian Marathon Championships & 2017 Dongguan International Marathon will be officially launched at 7:30am on 26th November. This will be the largest sporting event ever held in Dongguan since the reform and opening up, with the largest number of participants and the most extensive route. 

After preliminary publicity and promotion, applications for the Dongguan Marathon this year were more than double than last year. Nearly 30,000 people registered to participate with the Asian Marathon Championships attracting 49 professional athletes from 22 Asian countries and regions including India, Japan, North Korea and South Korea.

During early preparation stages, the Organizing Committee invited international B-class surveyors to measure the race track, and was awarded track certification issued by the IAAF and AAA. The Organizing Committee also established a referee team consisting of 38 national referees, and 184 city referees. 33 official pacers have been recruited with two official training camps completed before the event. The committee also completed the functional layout of the event, program manual, entry guide, and other orderly requirements.

The organizing committee comprehensively optimized environmental quality along the track in three aspects of "greening, beautifying and purifying". This was done to reinforce the city's image and unique charm as an "International manufacturing and modern ecological city" in combination with the three-year urban quality improvement plan of Dongguan City.

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