A feast for the eyes! We’ll see you at Public Photography Week In Dongguan on 7th January.
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Starting soon in Dongguan, this Photography cultural feast equally comprises high-quality exhibitions, lectures and workshops.
This “Public Photography Week of 2018 In Dongguan” & launching ceremony of new book “Bird Colour” is co-hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee and City image promotion office of Dongguan. The event is undertaken by Dongguan Daily Media Group, Dongcheng sub-district office, Guancheng sub-district office and Dongguan Photographers Association. The opening ceremony will be held at TongSha Ecological Park of Dongguan at 10a.m. on 7th January. Tongsha Ecological Park will be transformed into an outdoor natural exhibition without walls. There will be 10 different themes of ecological exhibitions blending the surrounding beauty of Dongguan Ecology scenery.

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