Pandas Coming Soon to Dongguan!     02/08/2018 09:10

On 13th and 14th January, Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo welcomed expert special guests from the China Wildlife Conservation Association and China Conservation & Research Centre for Giant Pandas. The field trip involved an on-site review of the zoo environment, to ensure the zoo satisfied criteria for artificial panda breeding. Experts carefully examined the recently built Giant Panda Hall, facilities for pandas' lives and breeding, and logistical support. After examination, all experts agreed that Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo had met the requirements and was an excellent place for pandas. 

Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo in Liaobu Town has introduced more than 2,000 species of wildlife in the past few years. The recently completed giant panda exhibition hall is approximately 2,000㎡ and will be used to feed and breed two pandas. So far, the zoo has finished construction and is finalising technical issues. If things go according to schedule, the giant pandas will arrive at Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo in 2018, said Wang Ting(Assistant General Manager and Office Director).

(By Nicky Yu, Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:谭晶