Young Dongguan Music Stars Perform Concert for Hometown     02/09/2018 09:59

At 8pm on 3rd February, the 2018 Dongguan Students Concert officially started at Star Theatre of Dongguan Culture Centre. The players were Chen Jiayi (gold winner of violin group of the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music and student of Shanghai Conservatory of Music), Chen Sili (student of China Conservatory of Music), Chen Guanping and Jiang Kuncheng, (both students of Shanghai Conservatory of Music), and others. These Dongguan music stars returned home and played a gorgeous music festival for local citizens to show their artistic achievements.
The concert was hosted by Dongguan Propaganda Department, Dongguan Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television Press and Publication and Dongguan Education Bureau and undertaken by Dongguan Culture Centre. It aimed to fully demonstrate Dongguan music students’ acquisition and attainment and provide a stage to showcase these talents. Hosts invited Zhujiang Symphony Orchestra and its Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Liu Xinyu to be live accompaniment and conductor respectively. In addition, Dongguan Culture Centre assigned some backbone elites to form a professional plan and execution team, including a national level composer, to monitor every performance session, customize stage performance for all music stars, and bring a professional, brilliant show to Dongguan.
Tracks included both western and eastern classical, traditional and modern masterpieces. Students played western classics such as Spring Sound Waltz and excerpts from Carmen as well as domestic classics such as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai and Canal Balla. They also played Moonlight Lullaby that aroused generations’ memories and “We Will Follow You” written by local artists.
Stories behind the pursuit of music were told to inspire youths who shared the same dreams. The hosts made videos convey the experience of students and parents such as Chen Jiayi and Chen Sili.

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:于健玥