The Love of Dongguan City Saved Our Son     02/09/2018 10:07

The Smith Family (Chris, Melissa, Rayna, and Jamin)

Melissa's son Jamin

Melissa first visited Dongguan as a teacher for a summer camp in 2000 at the age of 20. She then decided to move to the big-hearted city and start a career at TLC International School in 2002, with her parents following for pure love of Dongguan.

Melissa has experienced many major life events in Dongguan such as getting married and having children while seeing the development of the city during her 14-year stay. “In the early days, around 2000, it felt like new big malls were coming to Dongguan frequently.” She recalled the time and named some mall names. “Then they built the huge Central Square with the theatre and library in Nancheng and it was totally different.” The city has become so international and well-rounded that “it feels like home and any city centre that you would find all over the world.” She mentioned her family always enjoy going to Dongguan’s Yulan Theatre. 

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:于健玥