Dongguan’s Best Flower Spots     03/05/2018 09:25

As the weather warms, flowers bloom everywhere. There are rapeseed flowers in Qiaotou, Bauhinia in Nancheng, Sakura in Shipai, and all flowers are waiting for visitors. Here is some sightseeing information.

Qiaotou Town - Rapeseed Flowers

For flower lovers, a great field of rapeseed is a must. In the past, people travelled far to Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province, or Luoping in Yunnan Province, to view the flowers. Now however they can find these beautiful flowers locally in Qiaotou Town’s Loutus Lake Park. Recently, the number of visitors has dropped but the flowers are still gorgeous, extending like a golden ocean. 

Fee: Free

Best Viewing Period: Before 10th March

Route: From downtown, enter Bayi Road, turn into East Express and exit at Qiaotou Exit. Drive past Qiaolong Road, Changqing Road and Bilian Road to arrive at Lotus Lake Park.

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:于健玥