World Cup Merchandise Made in Dongguan     06/01/2018 11:44

Although China did not qualify, most World Cup merchandise is “Made in China”, and even more impressive is the fact most are in fact “Made in Dongguan.”

Before 28th May, Dongguan Winbo gifts company finalised “World Cup” shirt key chains and handed them over to partner company Hangzhou Kayford Holdings Limited.
The Kayford Holdings Limited Company is an overseas company of Hangzhou Landward Industry and an official authorized producer and sales authorizer for FIFA. As early as mid-2017, Dongguan Winbo gifts company were working with partners on sample design and production. “We have completed a dozen orders already. The number of each order typically ranges between 5,000 to 10,000”, said Liu Qinglong (an executive of Dongguan Winbo gifts company).
“The key to production of the World Cup keychains is ‘timeliness’ and ‘quality’”, said Liu Qinglong. “The World Cup is a major global event, so the timeliness and quality of the products are extremely strict.” The finished products will be handed over to the partner company for overseas market distribution.
The soft PVC keychain of a Brazilian team seems small and simple, but requires many procedures from artwork, colour correction, engraving, proofing, packaging, and repeated quality inspection. In the past, the production line for each stage required seven people to complete, but now two people are sufficient. In 2011, with the gradual increase in labour costs and the government’s call for “machine substitution”, Dongguan Winbo gifts company purchased more than one million RMB worth of equipment.

来源:Dongguan Today     Editor:容艳君