30 consular officers experience Lingnan culture in Dongguan
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The consular delegation visited Dongguan Botanic Garden to experience Lingnan culture.

"Dongguan Tour 2018 for the Consular Delegation" was held on 23rd June in Dongguan, Guangdong. The delegation consisted of 198 consular officials and family members from 30 countries including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, South Korea and Sudan, who gathered in Dongguan to experience Lingnan culture and the achievements of China's reform and opening up.

According to event organizers, the tour is an important part of Dongguan's series of activities marking the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The organizers built a platform for communication between Dongguan and consuls in Guangzhou by inviting officers, and family members, of 30 countries' consulates in Guangzhou to experience special cultural tour of Dongguan. The Consul-Generals of Cambodia, Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, South Korea and Sudan attended the event.

Consular officials from different countries were happily plucking lychees with their families despite a light rain. After tasting the delicious lychee, the officials of Poland insisted on taking two Dongguan Litchi seedlings back for planting. The atmosphere was pleasant and convivial. In addition to picking lychees and participating in special Lingnan characteristic activities, the delegation went to the Dongguan City Exhibition Hall to listen to the 40-year development story of Dongguan and to experience the charm of Dongguan development.

The consular delegation visited Dongguan Exhibition Center to experience the charm of Dongguan development.

The head of the delegation and Iran's Consul General in Guangzhou, Mr. Khalil Shirgholami, said that he had been to Dongguan several times, but this was his first time with his family and the first time picking lychee, making for a joyful experience. This time in Dongguan, he not only experienced the pleasure of picking lychees, but also felt the development of China's reform and opening up.

Mr. Zhang Guanxi (Vice-Mayor of Dongguan City), said that the Dongguan government has always adhered to the concept of openness, inclusiveness, pragmatism and innovation to strengthen foreign exchange. He hoped that all countries' consulates in Guangzhou would continue to care about and support Dongguan’s external development and continue to build bridges between Dongguan and other countries.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl) 

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