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Dongguan 3rd in China's Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities
2018-08-07 08:55     Source : 来源:Dongguan Today

According to the latest list of China's top 100 foreign trading cities 2017 released by China Customs, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Dongguan rank top three. This is the second consecutive year Dongguan has been listed in third place. 

In the 2017 ranking, Dongguan's large foreign trade value and good development momentum have become the main factors influencing the city's ranking. Statistics show that in 2017, the total value of Dongguan's foreign trade reached a record high, and the scale of foreign trade ranked second in Guangdong province. The latest data also shows that Dongguan's out-performs other cities in the province during the first half of 2018.

This is not easy given the complicated foreign trade situation in recent years. "It shows that Dongguan's transformation and upgrading in recent years has made significant achievements. An early start gets quick results." Bai Ming (Deputy Director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce) said that as the only pilot city in Guangdong province to build a new open economic system, Dongguan has demonstrated significance and potential.

The reference data for these evaluations are directly derived from customs statistics and comprehensive national economic data. The standards include 25 indicators of competitiveness in five aspects, including foreign trade level, structure, efficiency, prospects and potential.

Statistics from Huangpu Customs show that the total import and export value of Dongguan in 2017 was 1.23 trillion RMB, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year. The total value of foreign trade exceeded the trillion RMB mark for the third consecutive year, setting a new record high.

In addition to the continuous increase in the total volume of foreign trade, the quality of Dongguan's foreign trade is also constantly optimized. According to customs statistics,  Dongguan's 2017 foreign trade not only performed well, but the structure was further optimized, which became the key factor for Dongguan to maintain the third place in China's top 100 foreign trade cities list.

(By Stefanie Tan and Sev Pischl)

Editor: 谭晶