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"Hermes" in ladders to be displayed at this year’s CPTPF
2019-04-10 09:43     Source : 来源:Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center

At the reception room at the second-floor of Dongguan Hasegawa Metal Products Co., Ltd, the wall nearby the manufacturing shop is installed with glass. The whole manufacturing shop can be seen in a panoramic view through the crystal glass. The deputy general manager of director Murada Yasuhiro stated with pride that to let every guest see the whole manufacturing process of products demonstrates the self-confidence of Hasegawa in its products. 

The Japan-funded enterprise, which built its factory in Hengli, Dongguan in 2001, produces nearly 500,000 aluminum ladders of all kinds annually. As the ladders produced by the company are of good quality, their prices range from 2,000 RMB to over 10,000 RMB, renowned as the “Hermes” in ladders.

Since 2009, Hasegawa has attended 10 sessions of China Processing Trade Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as “CPTPF”) continuously and won the award of “Star of Hope--Product with Most Potentials for Domestic Sales” at the second CPTPF. Along with participation in the CPTPF, Hasegawa enjoys a rising product popularity. During the recent sessions, many buyers came for Hasegawa specially. At the public open day of the fair, hundreds of exhibits of Hasegawa were always sold out. 

It is known that at this year’s CPTPF, Hasegawa will mainly exhibit all kinds of industrial herringbone ladders, workbenches, domestic horse blocks, some of which won the Germany Red Dot Design Award. The triangle ladders used in garden can serve to pick fruits like longan and litchi, as well as to trim the trees, which are quite popular in Guangdong.

Since 2010, Hasegawa has attached importance to Chinese market. In exploring domestic sales, Hasegawa established an exclusive department in charge of designing products for domestic sales. The company recruited two designers from Japan to engage in the design work of products for domestic sales. When the designers design the products for domestic sales, they make changes in color and style in accordance with the preference of Chinese consumers. In September 2016, Hasegawa set up a flagship store in Tmall, and then a flagship store in Jingdong Mall. “The online sales increases steadily every year, accounting for 30% of the turnover of domestic sales.” said Murada Yasuhiro. 

Murada Yasuhiro told the journalist that last year the export volume of Hasegawa reached 150 million RMB, increased by 5% compared with that in 2017. The volume of domestic sales was 18 million RMB, increased by 30%. Meanwhile, through the powerful advertisement and promotion at the CPTPF, the products of Hasegawa have successfully reached markets around the world. Currently, there are more than 300 agents in the country.

Murada Yasuhiro also told the journalist that along with the growth of turnover of domestic sales, Hasegawa is now preparing to open the second factory.

Editor: 谭晶