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Dongguan allocates temporary parking for Basketball World Cup
2019-08-30 09:57     Source : Dongguan Today


Dongguan Basketball Centre

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Dongguan Division will start on 1st September. The Dongguan Public Security Bureau has confirmed that event security work has been deployed, with parking and traffic control arrangements for the venue already determined.

Buses connecting Sports Centre—Dongguan Basketball Centre 

During the Basketball World Cup, the local transportation department will temporarily operate a number of shuttle buses from the City's Sports Centre to the Dongguan Basketball Centre. The shuttle bus, which will run every 20 minutes, will depart 2 hours before the game starts, covering stations such as City Sports Centre, East Administrative Centre and Convention & Exhibition Centre (from which one can transfer to Metro Line 2).

There will also be shuttle bus services from the temporary parking lot to the Dongguan Basketball Centre. They will also depart 2 hours before the competition and run every 10 minutes, passing Jinfu Road, Longsheng Road (an intercity rail station) and Xiangshi Zoo.

4 temporary parking areas around the Basketball Centre

According to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Gates 1 and 6 on Jinfu Road will be used as entrances for athletes, officials, VIP's, and staff vehicles. Spectators can turn to Liyuan Road via Songshan Lake Avenue, and enter from Gates 2 to 4 of Dongguan Basketball Centre. Tickets for the day's games will be required to enter the venue.

To ensure smooth traffic around the Basketball Centre, temporary parking lots will be opened on Jinfu Road, Longsheng Road Extension Line, Zhanqian Road and Xiangshi Zoo. It is estimated these will provide an additional 3,500 parking spaces.

If you choose to attend by car, please follow the staff's guide to park in good order. If the parking lot is full, please drive to the temporary parking spots on Jinfu Road, Longsheng Road, Zhanqian Road or the zoo.

Editor: 谭晶