One more asymptomatic COVID-19 case reported in Dongguan
2021-01-14 19:20     Source : Dongguan Today

On January 14th, one new asymptomatic COVID-19 case was reported in Dongguan City, a person who was in close contact with Hong Kong cross-border truck driver surnamed Lin, as reported by Shenzhen on January 12th. The details of the case are as follows:

Mo, female, 51 years old, is an accountant at the Kaiye Paper Factory in Shishuikou Village of Qiaotou Town. She lives in Kaiyi Haoting Residential Estate, Qiaotou Town(桥头镇凯逸豪庭小区).

On January 11th, after the initial screening result of the Hong Kong driversurnamed Lin tested positive, Mo was identified as a close contact of Lin and therefore underwent centralized quarantine for medical observation that night. Her novel coronavirus nucleic acid test result was negative that day.

On January 13th, Mo was tested again. In the early morning of January 14th, as the test result from the Municipal CDC was positive, she was immediately transferred to the city's No.9 People's Hospital for treatment. Her current situation is stable.

Preliminary epidemiological investigation shows that on the afternoon of January 10th and 11th, Mo had direct contact with the Hong Kong driver Lin at a store of the Kaiye Paper Factory. According to preliminary investigation, there are 33 close contacts of Mo, 32 of whom have been put under centralized quarantine for medical observation, and the authority has notified the relevant city, which another close contact is in now. Among them, 9 close contacts in Dongguan had two negative nucleic acid tests on January 11th and 13th, and 1 had a negative nucleic acid test on January 12th. Samples from the other 22 have been collected and the results haven't been received yet.

Here are her movements on January 10th and 11th:

●At about 15:00 on January 10th, drove to a store of Kaiye Paper Factory in Qiaotou Town in Dongguan (桥头开业纸品厂厂区小卖部) (add: No.2, Xipian 1st Street, Shishuikou Village, Qiaotou Town)

●Around 16:00, drove to a personal care facility near Shuguang Kindergarten(曙光幼儿园附近护理店) in old street, Qiaotou Town (add: No.5, West 2nd Lane, Guangjin Street, Qiaotou Town)

●At about 19:00, drove back home.

●Around 21:00, drove to the above-mentioned store of the factory again, drove home at about 21:30 and stayed at home after that.

●Around 8:00 on January 11th, drove to the Xincheng Market in QiaotouTown (桥头镇新城市场)and visited three stalls selling chicken, pork and beef.

●At about 9:10, drove to Weiduoxian Noodle Shop (味多鲜汤粉店) on Wenming Road, Qiaotou Town to buy breakfast (add: No. 630, Wenming Rd, Qiaotou Town), and then to a nearby drug store (add: No. 636 Wenming Rd, Qiaotou Town)

●Around 10:00, arrived at the canteen of Dengwu Village Committee of Qiaotou Town (桥头镇邓屋管理区村委会) for a while, then went to the storeof above-mentioned factory. After that, went to a personal care facility near Shuguang Kindergarten(曙光幼儿园附近护理店) in old street, Qiaotou Town (add: No. 5, West 2nd Lane, Guangjin Street, Qiaotou Town)

●At about 12:00, dined in Yujie Private Home Cuisine Restaurant(玉姐私房菜)on Wenming Road, Qiaotou Town (add: No. 389, Wenming Rd, Qiaotou Town)

●At about 14:00, went back to the store of the factory mentioned above;

●At about 17:00, drove to Deli Kitchenware Wholesale Department (德利厨具百货批发部) near Shishuikou Market (石水口市场), Qiaotou Town (add: No. 43, Shuikoucheng Rd, Qiaotou Town)

●At about 18:00, drove home, then drove to Qiaotou Hospital for nucleic acid test, and was subjected to centralized isolation for medical observation after sampling.

So far, temporary control and terminal disinfection measures have been adopted for relevant places and areas. Relevant departments are also making every effort to carry out further epidemiological investigations.

On January 12th, the city has carried out nucleic acid tests for the COVID-19 in Shishuikou Village, Qiaotou Town. A total of 23,472 people's samples were collected and the results were all negative. Today (January 14th), nucleic acid tests will be carried out on all members of the community where Mo lives and visited, and a second round of nucleic acid tests for all members of Shishuikou Village will also be carried out. Relevant personnel and citizens are asked to cooperate with the process.

Citizens who have been to the above-mentioned places between January 10th and 14th should go to the nearest nucleic acid sampling site for nucleic acid testing with proper personal protection as soon as possible. Residents in the surrounding areas of the above-mentioned locations are requested to strengthen self-health monitoring. If they have symptoms such as fever and cough, they should wear masks, avoid public transportation, and go to the nearest fever clinic as soon as possible. Medical institutions in the city should strengthen pre-inspection and monitoring of fever patients. Pharmacies should register detailed information for all people who purchase anti-fever medicine and cough medicine. Those with fever and cough symptoms are recommended to see a medical institution with a fever clinic.

As winter comes, prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic has become increasingly stricter. Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control. The general public is requested to pay attention to personal protection by wearing masks correctly, washing hands frequently, ensuring regular ventilation, maintaining safe social distancing, and avoiding gatherings. Don't travel to medium-and high-risk areas or overseas unless necessary. It you feel unwell, seek medical care early. Don't trust, spread or make rumors.

Dongguan Center for Disease Control and Prevention

January 14th, 2021

Editor: 谭晶