Popularity of science increases in GD
http://www.dongguantoday.com/     08/24/2017 11:22

(image via chinanews.com)

This summer, visiting science museums has become a popular choice for many families in Guangdong. According to statistics released by the Guangdong Science Center, the center has seen a surge in visitors following the start of the summer vacation, with the number of visitors amounting to over 300,000 so far, an increase of nearly 25 percent year on year. The average number of daily visitors at its peak was nearly12,000. The statistics also show that 70 percent of these visitors are families with children. 

So, what’s the reason behind the huge increase of visitors? According to the science center, families nowadays are placing increasing importance on science more than ever before, and the center has also organized a kaleidoscope of activities, with over 30 interactive activities featuring sound, light, electricity and magnetism available for visitors to take part in.
来源:Guangdong Radio     Editor:容艳君