Guangdong plans coastal sightseeing road     09/14/2017 08:33

Guangdong Province plans to develop sightseeing along its coastal road, which runs 1,570 kilometers, linking 90 tourist sights in 14 cities.

It has been labeled the longest coastal road in the world. According to a bidding invitation notice released by Guangdong Transport Department, the coastal road will be divided into two sections meeting in Guangzhou City. The coastal road starts in Raoping County of Chaozhou City in Guangdong’s east and goes westward along the coast, passing 14 coastal cities, before it terminates in Gaoqiao Township in Lianjiang, Zhanjiang City in Guangdong’s southwest. The western section between Guangzhou and Zhanjiang runs 1,173 kilometers.

Along the 1,570 km road, 927 kilometers of new road will be built, 264 kilometers of road will be renovated and 379 kilometers of old road will be reused. In addition, 305 kilometers of branch roads will be built, according to Guangdong Transport Department.

Work on the Yangjiang section of the road will start before the end of the year, and the plan for the Zhanjiang section of the road has been submitted to the provincial transport department.

Research on the 700 km eastern section of road between Dongguan and Chaozhou hasn’t been started yet.

The commission said construction of the coastal sightseeing road is one of the measures that Guangdong has planned to promote the economic development of the coastal belt and forge a new brand for the province’s coastal leisure industry.

(Han Ximin)

来源:Shenzhen Daily     Editor:Tan Jing