Fake “foreigners” involved in new scam
http://www.dongguantoday.com/     09/14/2017 14:52

If you are approached by someone claiming to be a foreigner in trouble and needing to borrow money, then be very wary. The Guangzhou police are now cracking down on a new type of fraud involving people masquerading as foreigners in order to con unsuspecting victims out of their hard earned cash. 

Recently, a woman identified as Miss Huang was approached by a man claiming to be a foreigner at the exit of the Huijiang Metro station on Line 2. The man stated he was lost and asked Miss Huang to wait with him until his friend arrived. While accompanying him, the man complained to Miss Huang that his foreign bank card was not functioning in China, he then appeared to call his friend to lend him 10,000 yuan. The man then asked Miss Huang if the money could be transferred to her account, and unfortunately Miss Huang bought the con. The man then proceeded to show Miss Huang a fake confirmation message on his phone, prompting Miss Huang to withdraw 3,000 yuan in cash from an ATM.

Police discovered through CCTV evidence that the man has also been involved in another case of fraud. Following a one-month-long investigation, 7 suspects were arrested in a rental house in Panyu District. They have been linked to 13 cases involving over 30,000 yuan.

(Image via: krmsradio.com)

来源:Radio Guangdong's English Service     Editor:Tan Jing