Market upgrades better GZ residents’ shopping experience     01/09/2018 11:32
With the improving living standards in Guangzhou, people are now more particular in their quest for a higher-quality shopping experience in local food markets. To meet the public's needs, the local government has introduced a guide to upgrade Guangzhou's market places. Below are some of the changes in the food markets in various districts that have carried out the upgrades.

Mobile payment widely accepted

In Yangji New Market, Yuexiu district, the environment has been made much cleaner and more tidy, and QR code billboards hang on every stall. Mobile payment is available and widely accepted in this market.

Li Gui, who runs the market, said even senior citizens are comfortable with mobile payments, because they don’t need to worry about their poor memory and slow reactions getting change after paying. Besides, they can get various discounts by using mobile payments offered by different companies, such as the China Construction Bank (CCB), Alipay and WeChat.
来源:LifeofGuangzhou     Editor:容艳君