Guangdong makes breakthroughs in science and technology     01/12/2018 16:14

38 projects involving scientists from Guangdong have received honors at the National Science and Technology Awards Conference, which was held in Beijing on Monday (Jan. 8).

This is the country’s top award established by the State Council to honor outstanding individuals and organizations in science and technology progress. Among the 38 projects, 10 are national technology innovation awards, of which 4 were led by Guangdong.

In addition, one project led by Guangdong scientists won the Grand Prize for national science and technology progress. It is the first time for Guangdong to win this prize.

This project involved ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission technology, UHV ± 800kV DC Transmission, developed by scientist Li Licheng. He is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of the School of Electric Power of South China University of Technology, and Chairman of the expert committee of the China Southern Power Grid Corporation. China is internationally recognized as a leader of the technology in the world.

来源:Radio Guangdong's English Service     Editor:谭晶