Shenzhen women No. 4 in shopping ranking     03/12/2018 15:50

Shenzhen ranks fourth in the country in female consumer spending, according to a report released by T-mall, the Internet platform affiliated with e-commerce giant Alibaba, reported Friday.

Over the last three years, the platform has witnessed exponential growth in both the number of transactions and the amount per customer transaction, with professional women in first-tier cities serving as the main drivers, the data showed.

In terms of transaction amount, Shanghai ranks first in the country, followed by Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

“I think the status of urban women is quite high nowadays. They have work and are financially independent,” said Fan Yusu, who has been working as a caregiver in the city for many years. Urban women are also more independent, and therefore have more say in consumption, she added.

In addition, the categories of common consumption have become more diversified. Beauty and tanning products, as well as products that can help build muscle and gain weight, are becoming increasingly popular among women.

As for the consumption structure, young mothers who were born after the 1980s have been inclined to spend more on themselves over the last three years. Statistics show that this group’s per capita consumption during last year’s Singles’ Day shopping spree increased by 20 percent year on year, while per capita consumption of maternal and childcare products increased by only 13 percent.

Spending on cosmetics saw a steady increase among women in their 50s, rising by 28 percent compared with 2015. Meanwhile, the number of women taking up extreme sports, such as skiing, mountaineering and rock climbing, has grown by 35 percent compared with three years ago.

(Zhang Yu)

来源:Shenzhen Daily     Editor:谭晶