Guangdong spearheading nation’s strategy to bring in talent     03/12/2018 16:11

President Xi Jinping said in a panel discussion for the 13th National People’s Congress on March 7 that economic development is the nation’s core mission, innovation is the most important driving force behind development and talent is the most important resource for that innovation.

As the most essential resource for scientific and technological innovation and the main factor for enhancing competitiveness, talent has become a strategic support for every country or region, not just Guangdong.

Over the last few years, recruitment of top line talent has been accelerating across the country. "With rapid economic globalization, China has become the top destination for academics and professionals worldwide looking for long-term development, and inter-regional competition for this pool of talent has begun," Wang Huiyao, president of the Center for China and Globalization said during an interview with China Daily.

Until last year, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Guangdong’s two major metropolises, have made the top-10 ‘Amazing China - The most attractive cities for foreigners’ list for 7 consecutive years now, since the list’s first publication in 2010. Now the entire province has launched various stimulus policies to entice talent from around the world.



In January of this year, Guangdong became one of the nine provinces nationwide to pilot the new visa policy. The new visa rules are expected to benefit over 5000 individuals already working in the province and help attract the scientists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders needed for this recent development push.

The new policy allows R Visa holders enjoy multiple-entries, and is valid from 5 to 10 years with a duration of 180 days at most for each stay. In addition, this policy also extends to the spouse and any children of the visa holder.

On December 4th last year, the Guangdong government issued ten measures to boost foreign investment.

One of the ten measures was expanding the ‘Guangdong Superior Talent Card’ program. The ‘Guangdong Superior Talent Card’ policy, which aims to attract a greater number of top-flight academics and professionals to settle in the province, allows card holders, their spouses and any children to be regarded as a registered permanent resident of the city, and enjoy the same policies in housing, education, social insurance, car-purchasing, assessment of professional titles, etc.

"Guangdong is very open to hear advice from foreign enterprises and we took part in the drafting of these new policies." Shang Huijie, vice president of Siemens China, told

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