Campus flooded by 100,000 flower enthusiasts     03/12/2018 16:46

Guangzhou, known as the Flower City, is currently in full bloom as we enter spring. Visiting parks to appreciate the blossoming flowers has become a popular weekend pastime for residents.

Over the weekend, media reports stated that an estimated 100,000 people flocked to the South China Agricultural University in Tianhe District to see the flowers there. Bauhinia and Handroanthus chrysanthus are in full bloom on the campus, making it a perfect venue for flower enthusiasts.

In addition, the peak coincided with students taking graduation photos. The number of cars entering the campus in one single day exceeded 9,000, an all-time record. Not only was the campus flooded with people, the roads around the campus also experienced serious traffic jams. 

Students of the university complained that such a large number of visitors disturbed order on campus. The campus was crowded, noisy and some people even littered. Some are now calling for limitations to be set on the number of people entering the campus. Others debated over whether or not universities should even be open to the public at all, while others have said that the school should do a better job to guide visitors and ease traffic jams around the area.

An official with the school’s security department responded to the debate by saying the school has no plans to limit the number of people. Visitors are encouraged to take public transport to the school and visit on weekdays.
来源:Radio Guangdong's English Service     Editor:谭晶