Guangzhou’s emerging industries attract worldwide attention     04/13/2018 16:55

Guangzhou-based will launch a batch of new driverless vehicles by the end of this year, according to Tony Han, CEO of

“We will establish China’s first driverless demonstration area in Nansha District, covering 30 square kilometers,” said Harry Hu, COO & Acting CFO of

In early February, launched its autonomous ride-sharing fleet in downtown Nansha, Guangzhou. [Photo/Official website of]

In addition to driverless cars, Guangzhou is also the birthplace of world’s first passenger drone, the EHang 184 autonomous aerial vehicle, which succeeded in a series flight tests carrying one and two passengers this February.

Artificial Intelligence

CloudWalk Technology Co. Ltd., a Guangzhou-based developer of facial recognition software, is now the largest supplier of facial recognition technology for China’s banking sector.

Vivo detection device by CloudWalk [Photo/Official website of CloudWalk]

The company’s founder Zhou Xi was a disciple of Thomas Shi-Tao Huang, one of the leading figures in computer vision, pattern recognition and human computer interaction. Zhou is a seven-time winner of international challenges in computer vision discrimination, image recognition and audio detection.

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