Guangzhou Metro planning security check room     05/16/2018 10:01

The current security check system in metro stations.

Recently, Guangzhou Metro has been soliciting design plans for building security check room outside the metro stations. It is intended as a new measure to improve safety and passenger flow control.

Now Guangzhou has 391.6 km of subway lines in operation, carrying 8 million passengers daily, the volume placing a lot of pressure on Guangzhou metro.

According to the notice issued by Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd, the security check room ought further improve the safety of metro stations since all inspection for passengers and their belongings will be completed outside.

Furthermore, it is a measure intended to better conduct passenger flow control in the stations especially during rush hours.

The notice also indicates that the outside security check rooms will be built as extensions to the current entrances of metro stations. The rooms should Be in keeping with the surrounding landscape but still be easy for passengers to reckognize.

The deadline for collecting the design tenders is May 30th, and more details regarding the installation of security check rooms will be determined at a future date, Guangzhou Metro Group have stated.

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Edited by Olivia, Simon

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