First cyberspace multilingual security seminar held at GDUFS     05/16/2018 10:04

Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Cyberspace Content Security was officially unveiled. [Photo/GDUFS]

The opening ceremony of the Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Cyberspace Content Security and the first cyberspace multilingual content security seminar were held on the north campus of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) on May 11.

Over 30 national scholars from the cyber security field spoke at and attended the conference, as did officers and faculty representatives from related departments. The meeting was chaired by Chen Yanhui, director of the GDUFS research office.

"We are now targeting an international high-level research university with distinctive characteristics," said Yang Aimin, vice president of GDUFS, "the establishment of the research center further promotes the deep integration and development of the disciplines of GDUFS and improves the level of scientific research in the university."

With the advance of the Belt and Road Initiative, China's political, economic, and cultural exchanges with neighboring countries have become increasingly close. The exchange of information on cyberspace has become more frequent, and the issue of multilingual content security has grown progressively prominent. The study of content security issues in cyberspace has practical significance for safeguarding national security and social stability.

"Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Cyberspace Content Security was authorized by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province in 2017," introduced Jiang Shengyi, head of the center, "the center has brought together experts and scholars with rich experience in cyber security, natural language processing, and big data processing in a bid to conduct research mainly in language resources engineering, natural language processing, detection of harmful information, and content security by combining the advantages of language and computation in the university.”

After the opening ceremony, Yang Aimin issued letters of appointment for the committee members of the center.

来源:LifeofGuangzhou     Editor:容艳君