Netizens: Global brands' Chinese New Year-themed shoes not appealing     01/12/2017 10:22

A netizen named fengyiyangdepangzi posted several photos of new limited edition Adidas shoes for the upcoming Year of the Rooster. [Photo:]

With the Chinese lunar New Year of the Rooster drawing near, many global brands are anticipating a lucrative opportunity. Some have published their latest limited edition items with design elements of the rooster and Chinese culture.

But many netizens have called the designs ugly, saying that the designers are simply adding Chinese patterns onto existing products without understanding the beauty of Chinese traditional culture.

Sportswear giant Adidas revealed five limited edition shoes with rooster-themed prints and insoles with mahjong patterns. [Photo:]

Take shoes for example: Adidas issued five limited edition pairs of sneakers. The company has described the special shoes on its website, saying that "these limited-edition shoes take design cues from the Year of the Rooster and the ancient tile game mahjong. These shoes feature an embroidered rooster print, a graphic sockliner."

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