‘Made in China’ with friendship and love
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  Illustration: Peter C. Espina

Beijing is an amazing, yet transient place. Changes happen so quickly here that you can barely keep up. The same goes for the people. People come, people go. The city attracts some amazing souls, and if you stay here long enough to see off a few departing friends, you'll know the feeling of heartbreak. And the longer you stay, the more heartbroken you'll be. With time you may start to develop an immunity to it - a defensive mechanism to guard against the sweet sorrow.

That's probably why there's a common myth among expats that one "shouldn't even try" to find a truly lasting relationship in Beijing, that people "simply don't stay long enough" or "don't want to invest in relationships here."

In the face of these dismal odds, I wanted to share the story of my husband and I that shows how the opposite can be the case.

Beijing is the perfect place for people from around the world to meet and fall in love. I am from Uzbekistan; my husband is from Canada. Not only are we from different countries, but our fields of work could not be further apart: I work in the arts and he is an engineer. But there we were, four years ago, at the same meditation retreat, looking for enlightenment and finding it in each other's eyes.

There is something about the city's unique feel of community that encourages fateful encounters.

With five thousand years of history, omnipresent modern technology and limitless opportunities, Beijing is an attractive place for ambitious young people.

At the same time, it tests your survival skills with its air pollution and rush hour traffic, along with language and cultural barriers. This juxtaposition certainly attracts a distinctive kind of person: laid-back yet energetic, simple yet sophisticated, adventurers and dreamers from all walks of life and all around the globe.

In all this dazzling diversity of cultures and backgrounds, you may find that it is actually easier to connect with these people and find things in common than with your friends back home.

Through sharing the same Beijing dreams and Beijing struggles, we build the deepest connections. We form a new, unique "tribe" packed with our true, real soulmates.

Our story is not the only one to prove it can work this way. During five years in China, we have met wonderful couples who come from wildly different backgrounds and opposite ends of the world: South Africa and Italy, Iran and Zimbabwe, Singapore and Belgium, Venezuela and China. We have even met couples from the same country, but who would never have met if not for the common thread that brought them to Beijing and binds them together.

We credit those matches to the "invisible hand" of the Northern Capital, to which we will be forever grateful. It is here that we have met our most like-minded friends, built life-long relationships, lived our dreams and made the most of our most promising years.

It is here that we found soulmates in each other and started our new journey together - as a family. Here, our love was manifested in the creation of a little human being who we expect to join us any day now, our first child, made in China.

来源:Global Times Online     Editor:于健玥