Rural tourism boost China’s poverty reduction endeavor     03/13/2018 10:12

A sea of rape flowers in blossom in Yingpan Village, Dali, southwest China’s Yunnan province during the 2018 Spring Festival. China’s rural tourism is focusing more on developing ecological tourism based on the lucid waters and lush mountains. (Photo from CFP)

Rural tourism has grown into not only a fresh growth opportunity of the whole industry, but also a new engine that helps impoverished rural residents improve their living conditions.

Rural tourism, which usually offers travelers the possibility to acquaint with unique natural sceneries, local conditions as well as folk customs, has gained popularity in the past Spring Festival.

Some Chinese visitors, in the week-long holiday, chose to celebrate a Tibetan New Year in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, or sing and dance in the "guitar town" in southwest Yunnan province, or experience the different folk customs in ancient villages in northwest Gansu province.

The rural areas are now a new driver of the country’s tourism industry, as data released by China National Tourism Administration showed that China’s rural tourism consumption exceeded 1.4 trillion yuan ($221.2 billion) in 2017.

"A good ecological environment is the fairest public product, and the most accessible welfare for the people." Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out previously, stressing that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

His words have come true as rural tourism is now a new approach that helps rural residents shackle off poverty and become well off, thanks to the rural vitalization strategy launched by the government.

Farmers now do not need to leave for cities, since they can make money at home.

来源:People's Daily Online     Editor:容艳君