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Menu for Spring Festival Eve: Red braised pork belly
2019-01-21 10:20     Source : CGTN

 Red braised pork belly./VCG File Photo

If you ask Chinese which dish best represents China, people from different regions may give different answers.

But if you recommend red braised pork belly, few will disagree with you, not only because it has a long history, but also it is a favorite of people from both northern and southern China.

The earliest written record about the dish dates back to the fifth century when agronomist Jia Sixie explained how to cook the dish in his famous book “Qi Min Yao Shu.” Since the book introduces common people's living styles, we know that the dish was created by Chinese people even earlier than the book was written.

Although having long existed, it was until the Song Dynasty that the dish became famous due to eminent litterateur and politician Su Shi, also known as Su Dongpo. In 1080, Su was exiled from the capital to Huangzhou, in today's Hubei Province. He observed closely local people's lives and wrote a poem titled “Eating Pork,” which displays his own style of cooking red braised pork belly:

“There is good and very cheap pork in Huangzhou. Wealthy people don't eat it, while common people don't know how to make it delicious. The pork should be stewed with slow heat with a little water added, and at the right time, it will smell so good. Having a bowl of pork every morning, I feel full and easy.”

Editor: 郑思慧