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Booklets of Exit-Entry Permit to HK and MO due in May
2019-04-26 09:33     Source : SilkRoadPost
The last batch of booklets of permit for traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, issued by the National Exit and Entry Administration of Public Security Department on September 14, 2014, are valid until September 13, 2019.

However, the application of paper endorsements to Hong Kong and Macao with the booklet will be due by the end of May, since the remaining validity period of a booklet shall be longer than the validity period (3 months) of Exit-Entry Permit for more than 20 days, according to regulations of National Public Security Department.

Visitors are advised to apply for a smart card permit, which contains personal data imprinted on the front, while the exit-entry endorsements are printed on the back.

How to apply for a smart card permit?

1. Make an appointment (3 ways)

a. Visit the website or cell phone application of the National Immigration Administration, and then fill in relevant information.


b. Search for the "移民局 (National Immigration Administration)" mini program on Alipay or WeChat cell phone application. After conducting ID verification using facial recognition, fill in relevant information.

c. Visit the website or WeChat account of "广州公安 (gzsgaj)" and fill in relevant information.


2. Go to exit and entry management department

After making an appointment, people need to produce relevant documents, including identification card, hukou and application form at the exit and entry management department.

Starting from April 1, residents on the Chinese mainland can apply for travel permits at any exit and entry management department across the country, according to the National Immigration Administration. In the past, they could apply for permits only in their household registration locations.

Self-service devices for permit card holders

To get a travel permit to Hong Kong and Macao, permit card holders should first apply for electronic exit and entry endorsements through the Internet. Then they can use self-service devices to pay for the endorsement with UnionPay bank card, Yang Cheng Tong, Alipay or WeChat pay. The endorsement will be printed on the back of a smart card in a few minutes.

There are 165 exit and entry agencies in the city that provide self-service devices, 106 of which are in service round-the-clock.

The addresses of the 165 exit and entry agencies are as follow.
Editor: 郑思慧