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GD implements measures to boost pork supply
2019-09-11 10:22     Source : GRTRadio

Governor of Guangdong, Ma Xingrui, recently presided over a working meeting to implement decision-making arrangements according to the central government to stabilize the supply of pig livestock, deploying specific measures to stabilize the production and supply of pork in the province. 

In order to increase the supply of pork, more than 3,000 tons of provincial-level pork reserves will be put on the market during the Mid-autumn Festival and the National Day Holiday. 

Guangdong as a province is a significant pork consumer. From September 7 through to September 30, 1,600 tons of frozen pork will be released to the market at 10% below the market price and will be distributed through chain supermarkets, schools, and restaurants.

The move comes in the wake of pork supplies shrinking substantially due to multiple factors, including the spread of African swine fever and higher costs associated with pig breeding. 

Editor: 郑思慧