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Cooler temperatures recorded in Guangdong
2019-10-25 16:20     Source : Radio Guangdong's English Service

With the arrival of October, most of the country has begun to embrace cooler weather, with a new wave of cold air set to sweep in and bring down temperatures even further. 

Since October 23, cooler conditions have been recorded in Guangdong. The cold air affected northern Guangdong first, where temperatures have dropped below 20℃, before arriving in Guangzhou later on the 23rd. Although the decrease in temperature so far has not been too apparent, there will be showers recorded in some areas in the afternoon on the 24th.

It is expected that this wave of cold air will sweep across nearly 70% of China. Differing from Guangdong, temperatures in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and most northern regions will fall by 4-8 °C, while some areas may experience drops of over 10 °C.

Editor: 谭晶