Updates on dine-in services in GD, avoid cold take-away dishes
2020-02-26 11:29     Source : News GD

Guangdong started resuming dine-in services on February 20th. The government requires restaurants to resume services based on a graded scheme which classifies different regions across the province into 4 levels and regulates the respective services that a restaurant can offer.

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Government's latest announcement on January 21st, the present levels for each district are as follow:

According to Guangdong Provincial Government's announcement on January 18th, major cities across the province also released management levels:

At present, no areas in Guangdong are classified as level 1.

The scheme requires restaurants to offer services based on the management level of their district:

Level 2

Restaurants should suspend dine-in services in their main room. They can provide dine-in services in private rooms for a maximum of ten people, with a further limit of one table in one room only. Table-sharing is forbidden. Restaurants should record the name and contact number of at least one customer at each table.

Editor: 谭晶