06/06/2018 11:06
    The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar.
    03/02/2018 15:48
    Dongguan LIVE 2018 Spring Festival Edition Episode 5: Festive Lantern
    02/15/2018 16:23
    Dongguan LIVE 2018 Spring Festival Edition: Lion Dance
    02/15/2018 20:33
    Dongguan LIVE 2018 Spring Festival Edition Episode 3:Spring Festival Couplets
    02/13/2018 09:33
    Dongguan LIVE 2018 Spring Festival Edition Episode 2: DIY Crispy Egg Shatters
    02/12/2018 12:57
    The Spring Festival is coming soon and there are many popular snacks for the New Year in Dongguan, such as Jau Gok (a fried dumpling-shaped wheat food filled with sugar and peanut pieces), Dan San ...
    08/26/2015 18:24
    One of the most world’s hit badminton events – Sudirman Cup BWF World Mixed Team Badminton Championship 2015 finals took place in Dongguan
    02/03/2015 11:44
    Today you will lucky enough to enjoy the 2014 Yao Foundation Charity Game, played by Chinese Men’s Basketball Team against American Men’s Peak Team. Besides, stars like Tony Parker from San Anton...
    06/19/2013 16:59
    This episode of Dongguan Live is presented by guest hosts Michele Vervaeke and Renée Rommeswinkel, who have lived in Dongguan for over 10 years. In the show, Michele and Renée, together with thei...
    01/12/2013 07:15
    In this month's show, Geno gangs joined the Dongguan 50KM Hiking Trail who walk from Zhang Mu Tou town to Qing Xi town.