01/23/2017 11:28
    This year the yellow rapeseed fields have been expanded to 40 hectares, twice as large as last year.
    01/23/2017 11:23
    In Fengshan Agricultural Science & Technology Park, 20,000 square metres of rapeseed flowers are in bloom.
    01/23/2017 14:58
    1. Loft 8 Creative Park, Guancheng 2.Shuilian Mt. Lemin Recreation Park 3.Longfeng Resort 4.Xiangshi Zoo 5. Daojiao
    06/10/2015 17:10
    The park features a 22-km-long greenway and a 10-km-long riding route around the lake. The on-the-water greenway is decorated with rich water plants, peach flowers and willows trees.
    01/29/2014 15:38
    Huangqi Mountain City Park Big Red Lantern at the peak
    01/31/2010 21:32
    Qifeng Park has a lot of trees and is very tranquil and beautiful. Huangqi Mountain inside the park looks like a flag, and is the symbol of Dongguan now.
    07/05/2008 18:35
    With an area of more than 150 hectares and a water area of about 20 hectares, it adjoins Royal Lagoon Hotel and Hill View Golf Course. In the park are scenic spots like Huying Pavilion, Sculpture G...
    07/05/2008 18:28
    Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, located in Zhangmutou Town of Dongguan City, is the first national forest park of Dongguan authorized by the Bureau of Forestry of China.
    07/05/2008 18:27
    As one of the five forest parks in Dongguan, Tongsha Ecological Park is located in the Southern part of the Dongcheng District of Dongguan City and connected to Guangchang Highway, with a convenien...
    07/05/2008 18:26
    Shuilian Mountain Park is located in the Southern part of Dongguan City, more than 10 kilometers from the downtown area. This park owns forests of 6,000 mu, the main hill of which is 378 meters alt...