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A Brazilian soccer coach with a heart of love
2020-12-28 11:36     Source : Dongguan Today


The coach Mateus Martins

"Oh, jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way..." Accompanied by cheerful music, a strange fat man in red with a long white beard slowly walked into a football pitch in Nancheng, Dongguan on the afternoon of December 19th. It was  Mateus Martins, a soccer coach, coming to give the children an annual gift.

Martins waved warmly to the children in his funny outfit. However, just around half of kids stepped closer and touched him, while others were still stood in the same spot, gazing in wonder at the strange red man. They are "children of the stars", also known as autistic children.

"He is coach Martins!" Soon, he was recognized by the kids. They no longer feared him and even hugged him when he came to give them a gift. "I like you." A boy said as he hugged Martins and accepted his gift.

It was the 2nd year-end football event held by Dongguan Rainbow Umbrella, a supporting center for special children and their parents, and Martins Football Training centre. Martins hoped that by holding such an activity, the children could feel the festive atmosphere, and their parents could relax.

Editor: 郑思慧